What Is Double Proposing?

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What Is Double Proposing?

If you’re looking for an artistic wedding photographer for your big day, you may be the sort of couple who likes to think differently about the whole wedding set-up, and create something truly special for yourself. The wedding industry is no doubt changing dramatically as more and more people decide to shun traditions and do something uniquely personal when it comes to expressing their love for their significant other. But it doesn’t just stop at the wedding day, we’re even seeing a new trend when it comes to proposals, according to Glamour.

Double proposals are, according to the magazine, growing in popularity, and stem mainly from LGTBQ+ couples who are re-examining the dynamic of how they look to enter into marriage. Of course, with the tradition being that the man asking the woman to marry them, when you disrupt that within a same sex coupling, it gives pause for thought, but the same idea is also being applied by heterosexual couples who want to change up something they view as old-fashioned.

But what’s the idea behind it? Double proposals aren’t about planning together ahead of time to propose at the same moment, but rather, after one of the members of the couple proposes, the other later proposes back. For the couples mention in the article, it serves several purposes. It gives both people the chance to be on the receiving end of the grand, romantic gesture – even if it’s only as significant a moment as presenting back a ring so that you both have a symbol of wanting to get married to each other.

So, now that you even know that double proposals are a thing, would you take the plunge and propose back?

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